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Accounting News Roundup: IFRS Optimism; Underwater Property Taxes; Slack Off at Work Like a Pro | 06.10.14

Deloitte UK expands partner promotions [FT]
ICYMI from last night's Footnotes: Of the 65 new UK partners, 60% are in consulting and advisory services.

UK watchdog expects progress on global accounting rules [Reuters]
Financial Reporting Council's new chairman Win Bischoff thinks the SEC may still come around on IFRS: "I could see that American companies would be given the choice over a period of time. Will they stick to U.S. GAAP? Probably they will stick to U.S. GAAP, but I think the two standards are getting closer together."

Colorado recreational marijuana sales, taxes boomed in April [DP]
The 4/20 holiday gave things a boost.

Taxes still paid on underwater properties [FT-U]
Seems reasonable: "There are about 45 lots on the beach on the south end of St. Simons Island that county appraisers say are worth only $200. That comes to $2 a year in property taxes. People in modest houses in the middle of the island pay more than 500 times that amount. But if you look at the property maps, you understand. These lots don’t overlook the ocean, they underlook the ocean. Thanks to Hurricane Dora 50 years ago, the houses, lawns and driveways washed away and the properties are underwater." 

Lessons on Power from House of Cards and HBR [Thriveal]
Greg Kyte takes on FU. 

How Great Firms Motivate Employees [HBR]
Believe it or not, good HR people help.

How to Slack Off at Work (and Not Get Caught) [Lifehacker]
Key shortcuts, people. Know your key shortcuts.

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