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Accounting News Roundup: If It Can Happen at Tesco…; Pot Taxes on the Ballot; Unused Vacation at 40-year High | 10.24.14

Tesco and accounting Feeding the beast [The Economist]
This sums it up nicely: "
That Britain's premier retailer, one of the most widely held stocks that is followed by almost 50 analysts can restate its profits so dramatically, is a sign that it can happen anywhere."
In other Tesco news:
Marijuana Taxes On The Ballot This November [Forbes]
The Director of State Affairs from Americans for Tax Reform has it covered: "
It’s great to have 50 laboratories of democracy across the U.S., and the trials with legal marijuana taking place in Washington and Colorado will be instructive for other states and the federal government. Yet, when such heavy and unreasonable taxation is imposed, it blunts the positive effects of legal cannabis – such as the eradication of black markets and drug cartels – and makes it impossible to fully learn from the experience. "
How Accountant Quit PwC to Open Restaurant With Wife’s Recipes [Bloomberg]
Behind every falafel man is a great woman.
Unused vacation days at 40-year high [CNBC]
There are two months left; use those vacation days, people: "
U.S. workers are using only 77 percent of their paid time off, according to the research group's report released Tuesday. And the decline is not just tied to recent economic worries; use of vacation days are at their lowest point in the past four decades.

You May Be About to Lose Your Job, But How About Giving Some Money to United Way [Romenesko]
It could be worse; you could be a journalist.

The Evil "Tests" Job Interviewers Can Give (and How to Avoid Them) [Lifehacker]
It's more diaboloical than simply watching to see if you chew with your mouth closed.

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