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Accounting News Roundup: Google’s Tax Avoidance and Taboo Topics at Work | 12.22.16

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Google's tax avoidance

Bloomberg reports that Google, the subsidiary of Alphabet (fka Google), moved some money — about $15.5 bilion — around Europe and into Bermuda, saving the company $3.6 billion in taxes in 2015. According to filings in the Netherlands, this is a 40% increase from 2014.


A Harvard Business Review article outlines a study that found the five most not-talked-about things within companies, which include "prickly peers" "lazy and incompetent colleagues" and "management chaos." Not not-talked-about in the sense that people don't talk about these things, it's just that it 78% complain to someone else rather than the people directly involved.

University partner viewpoint: New managers have it rough

For anyone who's recently moved into a manager position for the first time, this article from Benedictine University says not to worry, it's okay to feel overwhelmed.

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Greg Kyte's Exposure Drafts revealed how Kris Kringle lost his CPA license.

In other news:

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