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Accounting News Roundup: Google’s Alphabet; Auditor Tenure; Earnings Management as a Career Move | 08.11.15

Google Announces Plans for New Operating Structure [GoogleIR]
Google is gonna be like GE or Berkshire Hathaway or whatever. They're calling it Alphabet and Google will be a subsidiary, along with a lot of other companies.

Here Are Alphabet’s Most Notable Businesses Besides Google [Bloomberg]
Namely: Calico, Life Sciences, Nest, Fiber, Google Ventures, Google Capital, and Google X.

Most Companies Have Same Auditor for Over a Decade [CFOJ]
Average auditor tenure at Russell 3000 companies stretches to 16 years, according to Audit Analytics. P&G's relationship with Deloitte tops the list at 125 years.

Toshiba will write down more than $800 million after an accounting probe [Reuters]
This write-down is for the latest fiscal year that ended in March.

Study Links Earnings Manipulation to Success in Corporate Accounting [AT]
This is slightly cynical, wouldn't you say? "The study’s authors contend that individuals who ascend to positions of authority in corporate accounting are predisposed by their personality and values to manage earnings and are hired and promoted for that very reason."

Your salary shouldn’t be your only source of income [Quartz]
Everyone needs a side hustle.

Fat Lady Sings for Columbia House [WSJ]
Am I the only person who paid for the full price CDs? I hang my head in shame. Anyway, the owner has filed for bankruptcy, so that's that.