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Accounting News Roundup: Feel Lucky to Have a Job?; Size Matters at Deloitte; Patrick Byrne MIA from Overstock Earnings Call | 11.04.10

Do Employees Still Feel Lucky to Have Jobs? [You’re the Boss/NYT]
“Though the economists say the recession was over months ago, the small-business owners I talk to have not seen sales rebound to where they were. Some businesses haven’t rebounded at all. I have been in business for more than 30 years, and I have never seen anything like this. It’s like a normal recession but with an extra year or two thrown in. Yes, things have stabilized, and in some cases they have gotten better. On the human side, things are precarious.”

Just Say No [TaxVox]
Kim Rueben writes, “There were about a hundred ballot initiatives affecting state budgets, some increasing states’ abilities to raise revenues or determine spending levels and others curtailing them. For better or worse, in most cases the voters said no and the status quo remained.”

Deloitte Ranked Largest Forensics and Dispute Advisory Practice [PR Newswire]
“Deloitte’s performance validates the depth, breadth and quality of forensic and dispute services that we offer our clients,” said Greg Swinehart, partner and leader of the forensic and dispute services practice of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP. “The combination of deep technical experience, proprietary leading-edge technology and analytical tools, and access to the global network of DTTL member firms and their affiliates, allows us to quickly deploy experienced teams virtually anywhere around the world to help address our clients’ complex needs.”

Qantas Grounds Airbus A380 Fleet After Emergency Landing [Bloomberg]
An engine exploded. Nothing major.

NetSuite to buy Sage? [AccMan]
Just kicking some ideas around.

The Big Four Accounting Firms Are Down to Critical Mass: Says the Financial Times – So It Must Be Official [Re:Balance]
Jim Peterson reacts to the recent Financial Times article on the Big 4 stranglehold.

TIGTA Releases FY 2011 Audit Plan [TaxProf Blog]
An approximate outline of the IRS nagging schedule.

Accounting Day, 2010 [The Summa]
Next Wednesday. Mark your calendars.

Patrick Byrne Absent From Third Quarter Earnings Call [White Collar Fraud]
Sam speculates as to the cause of PB being MIA: “Back in the Crazy Eddie days, it was known as ‘SEC induced sudden illness syndrome’ or by the short acronym SIS. Common symptoms include panic attacks, headaches, nausea, cold sweats, trembling, stomach pains, vomiting, and worst of all, diarrhea. At least the weight loss isn’t so bad. However, the SEC commonly refers to anyone suffering from SIS as a SISsy.”

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