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Accounting News Roundup: The Fed Pulls an Andersen; Tax Cuts; Why Today Is Unlucky | 03.13.15

Austrian coalition agrees to cut taxes by 5 billion euros [Reuters]
Austria's coalition partners have agreed to cut taxes by 5 billion euros ($5.3 billion) to give the stalled economy a boost by increasing consumers' spending power from next year.

The Fed Impedes GAO Audits by Destroying Source Documents [Naked Capitalism]
Hey, remember when Andersen got in trouble for that?

Who's Justin? [Twitter]

Fake IRS agents targeted top US tax-fraud investigator in scam [NY Post]
A sophisticated IRS impostor scam has become so widespread that ruthless criminals even tried to bilk the top US tax fraud investigator out of money. “I myself received one of these calls at my home on a Saturday,” Timothy Camus, deputy Treasury inspector general for tax administration, told a Senate panel Thursday.

PwC survey of Hungarian CEOs finds optimism [Budapest Business Journal]
Oh thank goodness.

Visits to IRS Website Increase as Taxpayers Turn to for Answers During Filing Season [IRS]
Nearly 200 million visits.

EY names new managing partner in Dallas [DBJ]
Michelle Vopni succeeds Clint McDonnough. Here's a comment she made regarding the most "challenging aspect" of the accounting profession: "Moving from a nonregulated industry to a regulated industry within audit, and it's impacted corporations too, has been a rocky journey for all of the firms. EY has done an excellent job of addressing the change, but it has been change, and anytime you change your environment you're working in, it's challenging."

Why People Think Friday the 13th Is Unlucky [Gizmodo]
You people are funny.