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Accounting News Roundup: Don’t Forget the Olds; NASBA Time Traveling Again; Why Firms Fail | 03.10.15

Credit Suisse Names Thiam Chief Executive to Replace Dougan [Bloomberg]
Credit Suisse Group AG named Prudential Plc’s Tidjane Thiam to replace Brady Dougan as chief executive officer as the bank grapples with declining profitability at the securities unit and weakened capital.

Accountant loses appeal in fight against ex-wife [New Zealand Herald]
Spouses poaching clients, that's bold!

Why Law Firms Fail [HuffPo]
Listen up, accountants: Nobody ever says, "Oh, well, they were bad lawyers at XYZ law firm." They say the opposite, "How could that have happened? They were the best." And that makes my argument. Smart people overestimate the importance of being a smart person. To be the best lawyer, or the best collection of lawyers, is not enough; it doesn't even guarantee you stay in the game.

What do you mean "people"? [Twitter]

GOP congressman wants to ban IRS employees from using personal e-mails for work [WaPo]
Save that for OKCupid.

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Network [HBR]
I recently received a LinkedIn request from someone I didn’t know (or barely knew – his message mentioned meeting me, but I have no idea where). I accepted, and within minutes, a message flooded into my inbox. “This is totally asking a big favor,” he began. But, he went on, he’d like an introduction to an editor at a high-level publication I write for. Hint: if you have to use the phrase “this is totally asking a big favor” with someone you hardly know, you shouldn’t be making the ask.

NASBA is going back in time again (don't worry, not really) [Twitter]


Deloitte boss backs grey workers [The West Australian]
"Now age diversity is not an issue that has been on the leadership team agenda but we can look at that . . . unless you focus on it, nothing is going to happen," [Deloitte AU CEO Cindy] Hook said. Deloitte's workforce has an average age of just 34 but the firm says it recognises the importance of the contribution of older workers, particularly partners. "We need these people; a lot of them have the experience, grey hair and war stories that clients want, and they are a great resource for teaching the younger staff," said Ms Hook, who will today deliver her first speech as chief executive to a Committee for the Economic Development of Australia function in Perth.

Ebay Overrun With Bagged Air From Kanye West Concerts [Rolling Stone]
Also, farts.