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Accounting News Roundup: Do You Need a Sabbatical?; Ballpark Figure of CPAs; Auditors Wanted | 11.03.14

Doping in Sports and Financial Statement Fraud [FraudBytes]
An interesting idea from Mark Zimbelman: "I've wondered before whether there would be a market for services that go beyond the traditional audit to test for fraud and to give assurance to investors that management is not committing fraud. They could go beyond traditional audit tests and bring in fraud experts to thoroughly interview employees for fraud, computer experts to sift through transactions and email looking for fraud, and establish additional channels that encourage whistleblowers to reveal fraud. Several procedures that go beyond a traditional audit could be performed with the goal that the company would get certified as being a low fraud risk."

Succession challenges for U.S. CPA firms to tackle [JofA]
They list five: 1) Looming transition needs; 2) Roadblocks on the path to leadership; 3) Challenges for sole practitioners; 4) Time constraints that impede planning; 5) Problems with plan implementation.

Cure for Office Burnout: Mini Sabbaticals [WSJ]
Something we didn't know: Deloitte allows employees to take extended leave after six months.

What Women Need at Work to Give Their All [DealBook]
My favorite line from this one: "To put it bluntly, women in the workplace are often more wholly human than their male counterparts."

Let's put the over/under at 1 million. Takers? 

I suggest you start building your niche firm RIGHT NOW:

"Help Wanted" tweets:

Alabama man allegedly robs 4 Subway stores in 4 days, blames ‘Jared Diet’ [NYDN]
They caught him at Walmart.

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