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Accounting News Roundup: Corporate Political Disclosures; Reminder: Don’t Lie About Being a CPA; Twisters in Excel | 06.22.15

House Aims to Prevent SEC from Requiring Corporate Political Disclosures Again [CFOJ]
The SEC has received over 1 million comments on the proposed ruled that would require public companies to disclose their political contributions. 

SEC Fights Challenges to Its In-House Courts [WSJ]
Dodd-Frank gave the Commission more leeway to use its five administrative-law judges but challenges in several of the cases have the agency in "a little bit of chaos right now."  

Denver airport controller fired, accused of faking credentials [DP]
Apparently, Laura Trujillo held herself out as a CPA when, in fact, "there was no record of Trujillo ever having a CPA license, no record of her ever having applied for such a license, and no record of her ever having applied to take the CPA exam in Colorado."

Fitbit CFO’s Heart Is Pumping [CFO]
Challenge extended: "Bill Zerella feels that Fitbit will grow fast enough to keep pace with Apple and other looming competitors."

This Lovely Data Viz of Tornado Hot Spots Was Made in Excel [Gizmodo]
Is there anything it can't do?

20 misused English words that make smart people look silly [Quartz]
For the two accountants out there who are also grammar sticklers.