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Accounting News Roundup: CFO Pay and Even More Toshiba Directors | 08.18.15

CFOs Outpace Their Bosses in Pay Increases [WSJ]
S&P 500 CFOs received a median raise of 13.9% for the 12 months ended May 29th. CEOs, on the other hand, managed only 6.9%. If you're named Patrick Pichette then you did considerably better than anyone else, earning $43.8 million while at a little outfit formerly known as Google.

Toshiba foresees loss after accounting scandal [AP]
And they plan to appoint more outside directors, which, okay, but they already had double the number Japanese guidelines recommended.

Technology Keeping Finance Department Investment Costs Down [CFOJ
I guess if CFOs can't find the human help they need, they'll start looking for robots.

How To Eliminate Passive Aggressive Behavior In Your Office [FC]
Not with anonymous sticky notes.

Accountant accused of stealing $500K from three Louisville churches [LBF]
Lisa Roth died before she could be charged.

KPMG Corporate Finance LLC Adds Energy Practice From Investment Bank Ewing Bemiss & Co. [KPMG]
The acquisition will give the House of Klynveld some added chops in energy M&A.

ANA's Star Wars Jet Launches Next Month — And More Are On the Way [Bloomberg]
Japan's largest airline will start flying a Boeing 787 painted with R2-D2's image later this year.