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Accounting News Roundup: Big 4 to Pitch EC on Contingency Plans in Case of Failure; Albrecht v. Norris on Stock Options; Oprah’s Tax Pain | 01.24.11

Auditors seek to ease fears over risk [FT]
The Big 4 is pitching the EC, “The four biggest auditors have denied that their dominance of the market for large company audits had created a systemic risk akin to that posed by leading banks. Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG and PwC have told the European Commission that they are willing to help draw up contingency plans addressing the possible scenario of a collapse of parts of their businesses.”

Bear Stearns court action given the green light [Daily Mail]
You can open your eyes now, Deloitte.

10 Ways to Avoid a Tax Audit [WSJ]
Don Dunklee would probably take issue with #2 – Reporting all your income.

E&Y CEO on what makes global leaders successful [Fortune]
Jim Turley gets his blog on while making his way to Davos (surely he’s there by now).

Floyd Norris on Joe Lieberman’s Views on Accounting [The Summa]
Professor Albrecht takes on Floyd Norris.

Stock Option Accounting, Again [Floyd Norris]
Floyd Norris responds.

Sullivan: The Mortgage Deduction Heavily Favors Blue States [TaxProf Blog]
FYI – red staters.

Jack Donaghy Talks Estate Planning with Tracy Jordan [Tax Docket]
He’s a savvy one, that Jack.

Oprah Hates Writing Checks to the IRS [AT]
Oprah is just like us!

Lawyer Asks: Why Is National Hot Rod Association Tax-Exempt? [Forbes]
Perhaps you’ve asked yourself this question.

Omaha Accountant Accused of Embezzling from Firm [AP]

RadioShack Says Julian Day to Retire as Chairman, CEO [BBW]
CFO Jim Gooch will take it from here.

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