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Accounting News Roundup: Africa’s Accounting; Lots of Bad Managers; Stop Saying “I’m a Workaholic” | 11.18.14

Africa Makes Strides in Corporate Accounting, Governance [CFOJ]
Blasphemy! "Just because they don’t have the best accounting records doesn’t mean they don’t have a good business."

70% of managers actually make their teams worse [Quartz]
Maybe the accounting profession needs to change up its titles: "Gallup scientists have found that managers account for 70% of variance in employee engagement scores across business units. The problem is, every day, thousands of employees are named 'manager' or 'supervisor' who have little to no capacity to perform that task."

KPMG Struck A Deal With A Venture Capital Company To Support Up To 1000 Australian Startups In The Next 5 Years [BI Australia]
The companies will get "support network and capital from KPMG clients over the next five years."

Mega-Mergers Popular Again on Wall Street [DealBook]
Allergan and Actavis; Halliburton and Baker Hughes are the latest in flurry of deals: "With those transactions on the books, about $1.5 trillion in deals targeting American companies have been announced this year, the most since 2000, according to Thomson Reuters, the financial information company."


Tell Two or Three Close Friends About Your Goals to Stay Accountable [Lifehacker]
But don't tell everyone.

Why You Should Stop Bragging About Being a Workaholic [FC]
The difference: "Workaholics experience negative emotions both at home and at work […] whereas workers who are engaged in their jobs reported feeling more positive emotions around their work and home life."

Upper East Side Man Ruins $100-a-Month Rent Deal With Dumb Lawsuit [Gawker]
All Chad Lieberman wanted was the building next door to be razed.

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