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Accounting News Roundup: Accountants (Still) Wanted; Related Parties in China; Powerful Women | 09.11.15

Companies Plan Hiring Spurt for Accounting and Finance Workers [AT]
A survey of HR and hiring managers in Chicago and South Florida found "that companies have a high percentage of unmet needs within their accounting, finance and IT functions, especially within accounting and finance. In addition, the positions have been vacant for short periods of time with most companies planning to fill the roles as quickly as possible."

Economy and Risk Give CFOs the Blues, Duke Says [CFOJ]
Yet another survey that found plenty of job opportunities for gifted accountants: "Of the roughly 500 U.S. CFO respondents, 93% said they have openings for key jobs, and filling those roles is a concern for management. Companies plan to raise wages 3.3% over the next year to help attract and retain employees." 

How to Cheat on Taxes in China [NYT]
"[E]vading taxes in China was harder than I expected because everyone else was trying to evade taxes, too."

Whistleblowers, SEC Are Winners in Ruling [WSJ]
The Second U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said that whistleblowers qualify for retaliation protection if they report wrongdoing within their companies first. "Judge Jon Newman, who wrote Thursday’s opinion, suggested that expanding the protections would chiefly benefit auditors and attorneys who are barred from reporting alleged wrongdoing to the SEC until they have brought it to their employer’s attention."

A Path for Entrepreneurs, When a Start-Up Is Not the Goal [NYT]
Instead of starting a small business, some are just buying them: "[P]eople with an entrepreneurial bent who are not inclined to start their own businesses. Rather, these people look to buy small to midsize companies — often family-owned firms that are being sold by the founder — and help them prosper."

Related party rules miss the mark [China Accounting Blog/Paul Gillis]
"Crony capitalism is a worldwide problem, but it almost an art form in Asia."

Most Powerful Women [Fortune]
Cathy Engelbert #21; Lynne Doughtie #44. Both of them are ahead of Taylor Swift.

Weatherman pronounces 'Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrob-wllllantysiliogogogoch' flawlessly on live TV [CBC]
Exceeds expectations.