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Accounting News Roundup: A Silver Lining for Charlie Sheen; Wells Fargo Snubs Ex-CFO; Property Tax Map | 03.01.11

Egyptian accountants predict improved business after chaos [Accountancy Age]
Insert “denial” puns below.

Tax note to Charlie Sheen: rehab costs are a deductible medical expense [DMWT]

Wells Fargo Stock Grants Snub Former CFO [The Street]
Nice to see everyone is keeping this sophisticated.

Morningstar switches accounting firms [Reuters]
Good-bye EY. How-dy KPMG.

Whence The Next Fresh Accounting Scandal? The Ominous Threat of A Shoe That’s Yet to Drop [Re:Balance]
Jim Peterson thinks things have been quiet…too quiet.

There’s No Process Like FASB Due Process [The Accounting Onion]
Tom Selling goes through some constructive feedback he received on a recent post.

Seventh Circuit leaves bitter ex son-in-law bitter [Tax Update Blog]
Practical CPA advice of the day from Joe Kristan, “sometimes you just need to just let it go and move on.”

Property Taxes By County, 2005-2009 Average [Tax Foundation]
This may be the only time West Virginia looks like a tempting places to reside.

IRS Is Holding $1.1 Billion in Tax Refunds [TaxProf Blog]
If you didn’t file a return in ’07, you’ve got until April 18th to get on this and collect your refund.

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