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Accounting News Roundup: Middle-aged Accountants vs. PwC; Fakin’ It or Fraud? | 03.19.18

mnuchin tesco trial identity fraud

Why Middle-Aged Accountants Are Suing PwC Over Campus Recruiting [Bloomberg]
It’s a little strange to me to sue a firm for focusing on-campus recruiting but “a study that found that younger applicants had a 538 percent better chance of getting jobs at PwC than those 40 and over” is more convincing.

Theranos and Silicon Valley’s ‘Fake It Till You Make It’ Culture [Wired]
Silicon Valley would like people to believe that they’re not like Theranos, but you can’t help but wonder how many startups that are “faking it” are also committing “fraud.”

The Travels of Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin [CREW via DB]
“[T]he public still has no reasonable explanation for why Secretary Mnuchin apparently has never used commercial aircraft, while his predecessors did; why his travel is not designed to minimize costs by, for example, scheduling confidential calls when he is not on a short domestic flight; or why he needs military aircraft that can accommodate 120 passengers when his travel manifests contain far fewer names.”

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