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For This Accounting Grad, It Sure Beats Being Homeless

It's about time we get a feel good story about overcoming life's obstacles and making your dreams come true:

Patricia Tracey grew up with alcoholic parents, was kicked out of her house and spent some nights on the street, had to fend for herself and her brothers and, after shuffling from school to school, never finished high school.

Today she graduates, at 31, from Jacksonville University with a 4.0 GPA in accounting. She was also named co-winner of the top accounting student award.

Paging all armchair psychologists: Is it any wonder then, after that turmoil, that confusion, that she finds refuge in the cool certainty of accounting?

After all, “it always works,” she said. “It always makes sense.”

According to the article, Patricia's next move is to tackle the CPA exam and eventually go on to become an accounting professor.

I guess Patricia wasn't around to weigh in on our conversation about why you became an accountant, and saying "because my parents were a bunch of drunk deadbeats" doesn't sound nearly as cool as "because I like to make rich mofos richer."

Aww, just gives you warm fuzzies all over, dunnit?