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Are You Ready For the BUSY SEASON FUN Calendar??

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I have just been made aware of the existence of this Busy Season Fun calendar by way of the Journal of Accountancy podcast in which host Jeff Drew mentions “it’s about time for PCPS to publish their annual busy season fun calendar.” The what now?

You can find it on this Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS) landing page. In .docx format. It is described thusly:

Show your staff that their efforts are appreciated and keep them motivated through busy season with these ideas! Add your firm logo to this sample calendar, post it in your office and have some fun!

Sounds great! Let’s see it. This is a direct screenshot, don’t @ me about the missing images and janky alignment.

Busy Season Fun calendar

Where’s the emergency stash of drawer booze? We’ve fallen so far from the “sublet your apartment because you won’t see it for four months” memes of the early 2010s (coincidentally, this website has taken a similar downward trajectory since about that time).

busy season survival kit

Feel free to share your thoughts on the busy season calendar, maybe the designated Chief Morale Officer (read: HR) at your firm will listen to feedback and throw some more donuts and spirit days at you. GO TEAM!

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