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An Accountant’s Weekend Reading | 06.22.12

It's a bit on the warm side, so try not to die out there this weekend. I'll be taking next week off, so you'll be in the very capable hands of Adrienne. Be good and maybe I'll bring you back something nice. 

IRS whistleblower tax take plunges, senator frets [Reuters]

National Lampoon CEO convicted of financial fraud, conspiracy [Reuters]

You’ll Never Guess How Police Identified This Shooting Suspect With A Yankees Logo Tattooed On His Forehead [Deadspin]

Tax writers set to examine capital gains rate [The Hill]

No One Messes with the U.S. Olympic Committee, Not Even Naïve Internet Knitting Enthusiasts [ATL]

Berkshire Adds Waco Newspaper, Expanding Media Wager [Bloomberg]

Grover Norquist’s pledge to increase spending, deficits [Ezra Klein/WaPo]

Grand Canyon Education dismisses Ernst & Young, hires KPMG [PBJ]