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Accountants Love Their Jobs Because They Get to Manipulate Numbers All Day Long, Says Guy

Today in hot-jobs-you-need-right-now-because-your-jobs-sucks-and-we-need-a-story-about-hot-jobs-and-we'll-quote-some-guy-who-doesn't-know-what-he's-talking-about news, we have a post from CNBC about the most underrated jobs of 2013 courtesy of CareerCast, a job site that puts out lists of that nature. 

Naturally, "accountant" is on the list because, as well all know, a career in accounting is the best best bestiest thing going these days and CareerCast publisher Tony Lee explains why it's so underrated:

"The perception is, 'What a boring job!'" Lee said.
Right. Some firms even use that as a marketing angle.
But accountants make the most underrated list every year.
Yes, yes, yes. We're sick of hearing about it because unlike the people reading your post, we chose accounting the FIRST time around.
Mr. Lee then makes three points:
[T]hey're very well paid. 
The hiring outlook is above average. 
If you believe the BLS data then I suppose you can make this claim.
And, if you've picked accounting, there's a good chance you love your job.
Go on…
"They spend their day doing what they want to do, which is manipulating numbers," Lee said.
God, what an awful choice of words. I suppose if you're a strict constructionist (which none of you are), then you could argue that this is a benign statement but using the word "manipulate" makes the whole sentence read like, "I can't wait to tamper with figures today!"  
Then there's this: "So, stop judging him by his pocket protector and calculator—this guy is underrated."
Sigh. I'd tell you to burn your pocket protectors if you actually had them.