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273 Accountants Are More Satisfied With Their Job Than You’d Think

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It turns out accountants are more okay with their lot in life than anyone thought. Very okay. ShareFile has released a report called Automation: Putting Accounting on the Right Path with a surprising stat in it:

But when it comes to doing their job, over 90% of accountants are satisfied with their current job (95%) and the company they work for (94%).

The scream of “no way!” I scrumpt upon reading this.

Less surprising but also slightly unsettling, just about everyone surveyed for this report is “satisfied” with the state of the profession. Given that many corners of accounting are staffed by masochists who do their complaining from behind anonymized usernames and Twitter accounts with 4 followers, this makes perfect sense.

Over nine in 10 accountants (93%) said they’re satisfied with the current state of the accounting profession. The satisfaction levels vary, with just 40% saying they are very satisfied, while over half (53%) are somewhat satisfied.


An overwhelming majority of today’s accountants, knowing what they know now, would reenter the field if they were just starting out. Over nine in 10 (92%) say they still would have become an accountant, with half (51%) saying they definitely would have.

If someone about to graduate college asked for their advice on whether they should become an accountant, nine in 10 accountants (89%) say they should become one and just one in 10 (11%) say they should not.

Those fifth dentists are regular readers of Going Concern (hi) and frequent posters on r/accounting no doubt.

Of those who would encourage college students to join la cosa nostra, “pay is good” gets a larger chunk of the pie than expected.


Digging into the demographics of this survey we find that almost three-quarters of those surveyed were in the 35-54 age group. Ah, that explains it, you’re making good money by 35. You better be, anyway. People with six-20 years of experience make up 75 percent of respondents and those with more than five years in the profession make up almost 90.

To any young people who may stumble upon this because you Googled “is accounting a good career?” the answer is “depends on who you ask.” Be sure you talk to some older folks when you do your research.