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Accountant Goalie Scott Foster Attends NHL Awards Show, Is Funnier Than Jim Belushi

Golub Capital accountant Scott Foster, who has shunned the public spotlight since he helped lead the Chicago Blackhawks to a 6-2 win against the Winnipeg Jets on March 29 as an emergency backup goalie, came out of hiding last night to present an award during the NHL awards show in Las Vegas.

As someone who lives in the Chicago suburbs, I can tell you that Foster has achieved legendary status among Blackhawks fans like myself. Foster, who plays goalie in two recreational “beer leagues” in the Chicago area, was called into action in the third period of the game against Winnipeg after the Blackhawks’ starting and backup goalies left the game due to injuries.

Foster played the final 14 minutes and stopped all seven Jets shots he faced. He was named the No. 1 star of the game.

But other than a post-game interview with reporters, Foster has denied all other media requests, opting to concentrate on his real job as a senior financial accountant at Golub Capital, a position he has held for nearly two years.

But Foster appeared on stage with actor, comedian (I use that term loosely), and hated Chicago sports meatball Jim Belushi during the NHL awards show on June 20 to present the 2018 Vezina Trophy to the NHL’s best goalie.

Anyone—AND I MEAN ANYONE—is funnier than Jim Belushi, and it was pretty lame that he of all people shared the stage with Foster. I guess John Cusack and Vince Vaughn had better things to do. But Foster outshined the has-been actor during his brief time on stage:

From the Chicago Tribune:

“I’m excited to be here,” Foster said, “but I gotta make this quick.”

“Oh, yeah?” Belushi responded, squinting intently at the teleprompter. “I suppose now that you’re an NHL goalie you have to hit the gym and get ready for next season.”

“Nah,” Foster said. “Actually, I gotta get back to work.”

“Do you have any advice for any of these kids out there who dream of following in your footsteps?” Belushi asked.

“Yeah, I sure do,” Foster said. “First, I’d suggest a major in accounting with a master’s in accountancy.”

You can watch a video of Foster with the not-so-funnyman here.

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