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Who’s Going ‘Above and Beyond’ at McGladrey?

A few people, apparently.

The “prestigious 2010 McGladrey Achievement Awards” are only given once a year (we think) and while C.E. Andrews realizes everyone is doing their part, there are a few people that need special recognition, “While all of our employees are focused on the client, these award winners are being recognized as having gone ‘above and beyond’ to ensure client success.”

But enough with the boilerplate, on to the names:

This year’s winners include:

• Dalia Pearson (Ft. Lauderdale) was recognized as Employee of the Year for her can-do attitude and excellent customer service
• Michael Sher (Chicago) was recognized as Partner/Managing Director of the Year for his strong work ethic, industry expertise and his industry knowledge.
• Jennifer Murtha (Melbourne) was recognized as Career Advisor of the Year for developing talent, cultivating teams and relationships and helping to shape the firm’s future.

Individual and team awards were also presented for relationships, excellence, integrity and unity. Team awards included the Great Lakes Core Tax Team, Ohio Private Equity Growth Team, Building Trust Through Service Engagement Team, the Olympus Capital Audit Team and others.

Obviously this is stupendous news but what we’re curious about now is, what does extra-special people receive for such a prestigious honor? A year’s worth of bragging rights is a given but is there any money involved? As much punch and cake as their hearts desire? A lunch with your Mickey G’s-sponsored golfer of choice? We need answers. Or wild-ass guesses.