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What Would You Like to See Tested on the CPA Exam?

With the completely redesigned CPA exam only 514 days away, there’s been a lot of discussion around the proposed Blueprints and questions about whether or not this content aligns with CPA Evolution’s stated goal of maintaining the relevance of the CPA credential. That is as yet an open-ended discussion but in the meantime, saw this on Twitter and thought HEY that could make for an interesting discussion.

One thing is certain: future CPAs of today (or is it tomorrow?) are tested on a far greater breadth of knowledge than the generations that came before them; as the rules and topics in practice grow more complicated, so raises the bar of minimum knowledge tested by the exam. Is it too much? Is that why CPA exam numbers are down? Is it really necessary to test a little bit of everything? Should we throw out government accounting?? Am I the only one who was butthurt when they took written communication out of FAR, AUD, and REG??

The comment section is open, let ‘er rip. IMA representatives are welcome to argue the case for extensive cost accounting testing if they are so inclined. Oldtimers, please refrain from telling us how many hills you had to clamber over barefoot in the snow on your way to the gymnasium where you sat for all four parts at the same time in a repurposed chicken coop.