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What Is the Appropriate Reaction to a Superior Who Tells You That He “Once Slept with Your Mother”?

As we like to do from time to time, we check in on accountants across the pond to get a feel for what's what in the Queendom. Today, we'll be discussing how you react to a superior who feels it necessary to overshare some personal details. 

"I once slept with your mother."

That's the title of this particular "Any Answers" forum. George Attazder continues:

Honestly! You make one unfortunate comment to a younger colleague and all communication is off. Is it just me, or are young people much less thick-skinned these days?
SO! The victim in this case appears to have selected the silent treatment for his/her rebuttal. That seems to be a mature and professional response. But just for fun, let's assume that this "unfortunate comment" has been uttered in your direction. What is the next course of action in this case? I see several options:
  • "Pics or it didn't happen." 
  • Return with a quip in the spirit of Sean Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy. 
  • Calmly walk over to his desk, smile, and then smash his iPhone5 into bits.
  • Go with silence until next June when you drop him a father's day card on his desk.
  • Respond with, "Yeah, I know," and wave your pinky finger at him.
Other ideas? Fire away. Creativity counts.

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