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A Senior Partner Who Has Probably Been Burned Out Since 1997 Gives Tips on Avoiding Burnout

Why do I feel like this screenshot is going to end up on r/thanksimcured?

via r/accounting

Now this may be blasphemy to say this around these parts but he’s mostly right. Exercise? Hell yeah, great for you. Healthy eating? Also great for you, those takeout dinners can really take a toll on your health. Passion projects? Super important to find fulfillment in the otherwise boring and meaningless modern human existence.

#3 though. #3. #3 great sounds good on paper — or rather, typed out on LinkedIn — but how practical is it in real world application? How can you pass work off on your team when they have just as much to do as you and you’re already short several people? Is a guy who flew straight from Davos to his son’s basketball game taking his own advice?

Does this mean everyone is logging off at 4pm this afternoon?

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  1. How can I make sure to exercise when the partner I work for keeps me in the office working 16+ hours a day and micromanages to make sure I’m constantly working? What passion project can I fit into my 8 hour window outside the office (that includes traveling to/from home)? Can Tim Ryan tell me his secrets? 💊💊💊💊💊?

  2. His advice is as valid as a billionaire telling normal people that he prefers waking up at 4am to meditate.

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