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The Talent Crunch is So Bad Firms You’ve Never Heard of Are Offering $7000 Referral Bonuses

stack of 100s

LaPorte who?

no mentions of LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors on Going Concern

Well now you’ve heard of them. From New Orleans City Business:

“Just like every other company and industry, we have felt the effects of the ‘Great Resignation,’” said Patty Paz, chief operating officer at LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors. “We have worked hard over the last two years to put in place several initiatives to even out our losses and gains.”

LaPorte has increased its employee referral bonus from $2,000 to as much as $7,000, depending on the level and position referred and hired. For the first time this fall, LaPorte plans to outsource some of its work to a member firm within the RSM Alliance, a network of 90 firms that LaPorte belongs to.

“We have a busy season upcoming centered around our benefits plans work, so we will engage with one of our member firms to work with us to help meet those deadlines,” Paz said.

Busy season is promising to be the best season yet if this keeps up…