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#TaxTwitter Has Absolutely Had It With Clients’ Sh*t

The last time we checked in on #TaxTwitter, they were bravely forging ahead toward October 15 deadlines. While I was combing through Twitter last week looking for tweets to include in Friday Footnotes, I noticed a theme: ragging on clients.

It seems many practitioners are raising fees these days, and who can blame them? I don’t need to explain to you that inflation hasn’t been this high since 1982 which is longer than many of you — and almost even my old ass — have been alive. Think about that for a minute. Most of us have never seen prices steadily rising like they are now. Granted, all of us have been victims of shrinkflation for most of our lives, though that’s more companies being cheap and gross and greedy than a direct byproduct of trillions of dollars being pumped into the economy. You know what … nevermind, this is off topic. Point being, prices are rising so it stands to reason freelance professionals and firms would quite reasonably raise their fees to reflect the ever-shrinking value of a dollar. As expected, clients are not happy about this. Whatever though, fuck ’em.

We also have the usual foot-dragging ahead of deadlines, poor record keeping, and just general dicking around by clients who think they’re the main character and that their accountant exists for the sole purpose of serving them. You know the ones.

And this reply:

Protip to clients: telling an accountant you are trying to hire that you are looking for an “affordable” accountant is not going to score you a deal. Who wants to bet the prospective client below can’t get a call back because all their voicemails start with “I am looking for a new tax accountant because my current one has raised their fees”?

Here’s an idea: if your clients complain about high fees, send ’em Lorilyn’s way (OK don’t actually do that):

Clients trying to squeeze you? Just send ’em packing. Seriously.

Speaking of new accountants, is there anything more satisfying than clients ditching you because they’re butthurt about fees only for them to discover that “you get what you pay for” isn’t just for fashion and quirky crap from China advertised to you on Instagram?

Oh come on. They just want to “pick your brain.” For free. And they also need you to walk you through their return in excruciating detail. Also for free.

Here’s your word of the day: boundaries. Set reasonable expectations for clients and remember that no matter what you’re charging, at the end of the day you are allowed to — and should — set boundaries.

We’ll end this wrap-up of #TaxTwitter happenings with a a bit of clients behaving badly.

Hang in there, everyone, you’re doing great. Well, everyone except cheap clients that is. Clients, y’all have been warned. Your accountants are mad as hell and they’re not gonna take this anymore.

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