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Tax Season 2024 Hasn’t Even Started and It’s Off to a Fantastic Start

US Capitol covered in shutdown crime scene tape

Obligatory /s

Reuters, just moments ago:

A U.S. federal government shutdown in coming weeks would likely disrupt the soon-to-start tax filing season for 2023 income, the head of the Internal Revenue Service said on Friday, even as the agency takes some steps to ensure that tax collections continue.

“We have experienced shutdowns before. We have not experienced shutdowns in the middle of filing season. So there’s some uncertainty there,” IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel told reporters.

He said the IRS “will do everything in our power” to minimize such disruptions, including by invoking authorities to maintain certain operations if government spending authority lapses later in January and in February.

“We’ll have a variety of different carve-out elements that will allow us to maintain operations,” he said, but a shutdown “will increase the risk that we don’t have as smooth a filing season as we intend to have.”

Funding is set to run out on the 19th, ten days before the official start of filing season. But don’t worry, everyone, they do this all the time. Granted, not right before filing season starts but all the time regardless.