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Tales From the CPA Exam: Is This Support Or Stalking?

I came across this very cute engagement announcement in D Magazine out of Dallas the other day and call me bitter, but this doesn't sound like a good idea to me. It seems to have worked out for the couple in question but just wondering how all of you feel about having an escort to the library when you're in the middle of studying:

[L]iving in different cities discouraged them from starting a new relationship, so the pair went their separate ways. A year went by and Luke tagged along with friends who were spending the weekend at Blaire’s family lake house. The couple quickly hit it off and decided to begin a long distance relationship. Luke traveled to Dallas on the weekends to support Blaire while she studied for the CPA exam. Blaire looks back on many long nights spent in the library with Luke by her side and says “I knew he was a keeper!”

Now, how touching that Luke wanted to "help" but I've been in long distance relationships before and the very last thing on my mind was studying anything but the room service menu when we did finally get time together. Perhaps Luke and Blaire were a bit more chaste than your humble writer but wouldn't that make the situation even worse?

If it were me, I would find the presence of my boyfriend at the library while studying a huge distraction and quite possibly annoying, depending on how obnoxious the boyfriend is. Has anyone else had a partner this supportive? 

Blaire went on to pass and go to work for KPMG so I guess it worked out for her but am I the only one who thinks having a significant other by your side at the library is taking support a tad too far? What did Luke do the whole time, make rubber band balls? Read? Play Fruit Ninja on his iPhone?

Uh, congrats you two. Or something.