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Deloitte Associate Who Supports Occupy Wall Street Admits That His Idea of Camping is the W Hotel

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As you know, a number of people in Lower Manhattan have spent the last two months Occupying Wall Street by way of camping out in Zuccotti Park. While September and October proved to be unseasonably warm, thus allowing Occupiers to exercise their 1st Amendment rights in relative comfort, November has brought cooler temps which has caused some relative discomfort among the campers. Oh, and Mayor Bloomberg was sorta sick of the mess and had everyone’s tents forcibly removed.

While many protesters have had to seek less squalid accommodations, other supporters of the movement have been able to find quarters that are more suitable for their tastes. This includes Deloitte associate Brad Spitzer who has been traveling to New York from California for work and has taken the opportunity to get his occupy on. And while he’s enthusiastic about the cause, Spitzer isn’t exactly down for park living:

“Tents are not for me,” he confessed, when confronted in the sleek black lobby of the Washington Street hotel where sources described him as a “repeat” guest.

Spitzer, 24, an associate at financial-services giant Deloitte, which netted $29 billion in revenue last year, admitted he joined the protest at Zuccotti Park several times.

“I’m staying here for work,” said Spitzer, dressed down in a company T-shirt and holding a backpack and his suitcase. “I do finance, but I support it still.”

You guys understand. There are just certain comforts that a Green Dot employee gets accustomed to – a soft mattress, a hot shower, room service – no matter how good of a drum circle you find.

Occupy Wall Street protesters stay at $700-a-night hotel [NYP]

Deloitte Taking Precautions for Possible Unwelcome Guests

This just in:

WFC Update
Zuccotti Park Evacuation

As a result of the evacuation of protestors in Zuccotti Park early this morning, there will be limited access into 1 and 2 WFC until further notice.

Currently, the walkway bridge that connects 1 and 2 WFC will be closed. All building tenants must present identification to gain access. For visitors, the name of the tenant and person visiting will need to be provided to building security.

Access restrictions are subject to change, as information and updates from building management are changing rapidly.

We appreciate your cooperation and will continue to keep you informed through this mailbox. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to myself [redacted email] or [redacted].

[Guy who gets to deal with these sorts of things]

Area Operations Manager

Deloitte Services LP