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October 3, 2023

words of wisdom

deer behind grass

Listen Up, Young Accountants: Career Advice For Sticking Out Those Early Years

Ed. note: enjoy some wisdom from a profession OG in this guest post from Blake Oliver. TLDR: Patience, intellectual curiosity, soft skills, and time management will take you far. Most importantly, advocate for yourself. Different generations in the workforce often struggle to understand each other. But experts say one thing that young professionals can do, […]

Five Tips For Surviving Big 4 Life From One New Grunt with a Year Under His Belt

As many of you look forward to joining the workforce in the weeks and months ahead while still others look back on your early days of public accounting through the clueless intern emails that make their way to GC, I thought it would be fitting to take a look at a post via This Way […]

If You Could Give a Public Accounting Newbie One Piece of Advice…

We have a reader question from a self-identified public accounting newbie: What is the best advice that experienced Big 4 employees can offer to new hires starting in the next couple of months? Thanks! Instead of long, rambling rants about not drinking the Kool-aid, I'd be curious to hear just one concise piece of advice […]