We’re presenting a typical dress code that one firm put up for its recruitment season. It’s not really important whose it is because you could slap any firm name on it and it would be believable.

• When wearing a skirt, hosiery is a good idea.

• Shoes should be clean and not too high. Strappy sandals are not very professional.

• Spaghetti straps and strapless tops are not okay in the office or a networking event.

• Make sure skirts and tops are not too tight or too short. Your midriff should never be exposed.

• Hair should be kept neat and simple. Jewelry should be conservative and tasteful – never make noise or too distracting.

• Keep any facial hair neatly trimmed.

• Pants should be clean and pressed. They should be tailored, sit at the waist and rest on the top of the shoes.

• Shirts should be clean, pressed, and collared.

• Be sure to wear socks that match–not athletic socks.

• Aim for a neat, clean look.

• Remove visible body piercings and cover tattoos.

• Pay attention to the fit of your clothes–make sure they aren’t too tight.

• Keep perfume/cologne to a minimum.

• Always think about what message you want to send. If you have to stop and wonder, “Can I get away with this?” it’s probably not a good idea.

Our first reaction to this list is that while women seem to have the most rules, lots of men we’ve observed need serious fashion help. Lots of men wear khakis that look like Hammer-pants. And “matching socks”? Is this the best they got for gents?

So, discuss fashion faux-pas. State your most hated abuse of fashion in the comments. Personally, pleated pants are pretty much the worst. Btw, “don’t dress like a ho” doesn’t suffice as a faux-pas you dolts.