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October 1, 2023

What Not to Wear

Fashionable baby

Dear Slobs and Whores with No Fashion Sense, This KPMG Video is Just For You

Those of you who know me know it’s rare that I’m speechless. I have an opinion on everything from cat food to those little sensors attached to street lights that serve to give priority to approaching emergency vehicles at intersections. And while I have an opinion about the following video I’m about to share with […]

Turns Out Your Non-Diverse Wardrobe Probably Makes You a Better CPA

Guys in public accounting, how many blue shirts do you own? For the ladies, how many of the same cardigan in different colors do you own? I get it, I rotate the same few suits when I actually have to appear in public for work in Washington, with the scarf I tie around my neck […]

PICPA: You Need a CPA to Get Your Breathlessly Judgmental Friend to Shut Up

The latest edition of CPA video marketing, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Institute of CPAs takes another reality TV angle, parodying the show “What Not to Wear”. While our suggestion to incorporate Lady Gaga or the cast of Jersey Shore seems to have been overlooked for the time being, we’ve been assured by the PICPA VP of Communications that our suggestions are being considered. We won’t push the issue, as there may be better ideas.

Like perhaps, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”??? It’s a natural fit, amiright?

Sorry. We’re done submitting ideas. Here’s the latest:

Our tepid enthusiasm for this particular video is probably due to the fact that we’ve never seen “What Not to Wear” although we did love the “Breathlessly Judgmental Friend”. Seriously, doesn’t everyone have a breathlessly judgmental friend that you just want to punch in face?

While this parody wasn’t our favorite, we understand that there are CPAs in the Keystone State that probably enjoy this particular spin and it still beats anything we’ve seen from an accounting firm. Keep up the good work Team PICPA.

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