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October 1, 2023

value pricing

3 Ways Accountants Can Get Awesome Results In the Value Pricing Era

The move toward value pricing marks the dawning of a new era for accountants and accounting firms, where financial and professional advancement opportunities abound. No longer constrained by the billable hour, earning potential for accountants is limited only by their own efficiency. And that’s awesome—for those who can find ways to make every minute of […]

Billable Hours vs. Value Pricing: Who Ya GOT?

You may have heard I almost got my butt kicked over value pricing at AccountingWEB Live. After Adrienne’s article about the incident and its related comments, I need to clarify some things.

I think timesheets and billable hours suck, and it’s not because I’ve been brainwashed by our Glorious Leader, Ron Baker, praise be onto him.

Greg Kyte Almost Got His Butt Kicked Over Value Pricing at AccountingWEB Live

In case you haven't noticed, the GC Brain Trust is in Dallas, TX this week for AccountingWEB Live, which would explain why we've been a little quiet the last few days. After Ron Baker's session, entitled Trashing the Timesheet: A Declaration of Independence, AWeb Live panelist Mark Lloydbottom stormed on set and accused Greg of […]