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The Tax Policy Center

Tax Nerds Feeling Vindicated After Their Long-held Viewpoints Are Paid Lip Service

Tax Policy Center co-director Eric Toder is feeling good today. Why? Some people known for not doing much of anything productive are saying things that sound remarkably like some people who plan to do something productive! The House Ways and Means Committee, in a letter signed by all its Republican members to Budget Committee Chairman […]

(UPDATE) Oh Look, The Romney Campaign Doesn’t Like the Tax Policy Center’s Most Recent Analysis of Its Tax Plan

Those mischievous little number crunchers over at the Tax Policy Center are at it again! They pulled out their calculators and concluded that even with a cap on tax deductions, Mitt Romney's tax plan won't raise enough money to pay for his 20% across-the-board tax cuts and repeal of the alternative minimum tax. Naturally, the […]