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September 15th

Accounting News Roundup: KPMG’s Blockchain Services and Happy September 15th | 09.15.16

Blockchain Last year, KPMG announced a "strategic alliance" with Microsoft, one of the many instances of a mega professional services firm teaming up with a mega technology company. Today we learn that strategic alliance will now include blockchain things: Global accounting firm KPMG yesterday launched a suite of tools designed to help banks and other […]

September 15th Is the Worst Tax Return Filing Deadline

Much like Ben Affleck, April 15th is overrated and overexposed. As a tax return filing deadline, April 15th enjoys media attention and is ubiquitous in the minds of the average American when (s)he thinks about big, scary filing deadlines. This is wrong. April 15th is merely a pitstop, a formality; it is wholly inconsequential in […]

Big 4 Tax Associates Prepared for Sept. 15th Eve All-Nighter with “5-hour Bombs”

It’s come to this.

Our immediate concern was that the imbiber would be suffering from a disturbing reaction but he informed us that he has “just about” quit shaking. Good to know, good to know. If you have your own deadline cocktail that may or may not have caused an unexpected visit to the emergency room, we’d invite you to share it with the group at this time. Happy September 15th!

Deadline Watch ’10: Happy September 15th!

Whether this marks the end of your tax season for 2010 or is just a pit stop on the way to October 15th, it’s certainly a day that gets marked on the calendar of many a tax sage.

In case you’re completely oblivious to the significance of this day, it marks the extended filing deadline for corporations, partnerships and trusts. That amounts to metric asston of returns and there’s probably more than a few people that suffer nervous breakdowns on the road to this annual deadline.

Whether or not you’ll be drinking your lunch today, it’s a nice reminder (or an excruciating one) that all things – including CFOs and Lindsay Lohan (what’s taking so long?) – eventually pass.

You can express joy or resentment about your successful completion of tax season 2010. It was your last, right? Sure. We’ve heard that before. Anyway, if this marks end, go enjoy yourself this evening.

But of course, we haven’t forgotten that there are plenty of you that have 30 days to go. Feel free to bitch and moan and then get back to work.