Gosh, team. It’s been over two years since Lehman bit the big one and now all that’s left is bits and pieces (Barclays, pink sheets, Dick Fuld’s stonewalling testimony) and charges from the SEC that could eventually see the light of day (unless the sun burns out first). Oh! And Ernst & Young. They’re in the mix too, although some people we talk to have their doubts about any repercussions.

Anyhoo, there was a big auction at Christie’s in London today directed by the newly-branded PwC. After everyone got done ribbing the P. Dubs partner in attendance about the Atari design, the bidding started. Here’s a little taste of what’s been sold so far, courtesy of the Times:

• Corporate Sign from Canary Wharf building – £42,050. Bidding started at £5,000

Gary Hume’s Madonna – £120,000 (most expensive item so far)

• A collection of five maps from circa 1720 – £1,875

• An 1870 collection of the works of one Bill Shakespeare

• Two etchings by Lucian Freud

• Photographs by Sebastião Salgado

• A 43.5-inch painted pine model of a 62-gun ship

Overall, the auction has topped £600,000, according to Accountancy Age but is still rising. You can probably still get a bid in if you hurry.

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