KPMG UK Somehow Won’t Be Getting a Record Fine From the Financial Reporting Council For Carillion Mess

I’m not a betting man, and that’s a good thing because, while not official yet, I would have bet my house on KPMG UK being fined more than £15 million for the whole Carillion audit fiasco. The Financial Times reported this afternoon: KPMG is set to be hit with its biggest-ever fine in the UK […]

KPMG UK’s Piss-Poor Auditing Is Once Again Coming Back to Bite Them In the Ass

As the UK’s audit cops are kicking back and watching KPMGers throw each other under the bus and a former audit partner feign ignorance about documents being forged during a tribunal hearing on the clown show that was the firm’s auditing of Carillion, the Financial Reporting Council decided to give KPMG a small taste of […]