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September 26, 2023

Pope Francis

White Collar Fraud Watch: a Dancing CFO, a Spanish Princess and a Vatican Accountant

An embezzling CFO, a tax-evading princess, and a money-laundering Vatican accountant walk into a bar. Oh, sorry, I meant a court room, to answer for their respective white collar crimes. This may sound like another GC witticism -– we think we’re hilarious over here -– but this time, I didn’t make anything up. As it turns out, these individuals are an actual bunch of white collar scofflaws. True story.

Pope Figured The Lord’s Work Could Use a Good Auditor

Here's one way to stay out of hell:  The Vatican appointed its first auditor-general on Friday in Pope Francis' latest move aimed at ensuring transparency in the scandal-plagued finances at the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.   A statement said the pope, who has made cleaning up finances a major plank of his papacy, […]