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October 2, 2023


PwC Is Still Not Forcing People Back to the Office (Really)

Ed. note: In April 2023, rumors began circulating that PwC would soon announce a soft return to office that would be “expected” but not mandated. We are pretty sure it’s happening but will have to wait until May to know for sure. Since last November, PwC has graciously allowed 40,000 client-facing people to choose whether […]

Password Inundation: Password Policies We Love to Hate

As a technology obsessed society we're drowning in a sea of passwords. Remember when your locker combo was all you had to memorize? Now I have over 100 different passwords. It’s ridiculous. The problem is no one can possibly remember that many passwords. So what do we do as lazy tech connoisseurs? We simply use […]

Why Your Firm Needs a Bring Your Dog to Work Policy

Look out, interns! We found someone who’ll fetch the tick marks for free! When I first started working in public accounting, I gave away my beloved eight-year old dog to a family friend. A veterinarian once told me “neglect is the most profound form of cruelty.” Leaving my dog locked up for hours and hours […]