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October 4, 2023


Is Benjamin Bankes an Independent Contractor?

We were wondering about Benjamin Bankes’ employment status with the AICPA, a non-profit professional trade organization, the trade being (loosely) the CPA. They fiercely defend the CPA designation’s legitimacy as a world-recognized credential and work for their members by offering themselves up as experts for legislators who have no idea what they are unleashing with a simple tax tweak. It’s a pretty good deal; we get reasonable security that our financial experts are at a minimum trained in the skills necessary to function at the entry level and the AICPA gets the notoriety that comes with being a 360,000 strong organization with a long history of protecting the integrity of its most precious asset.

So when we found Benjamin Bankes’ picture among AICPA headshots on Flickr, we wondered what kind of employment status he enjoys with the AICPA. Independent contractor? Full-time, taxable employee? Spokespig? I mean he’s right up there with Barry, so it’s got to be a pretty secure gig.

Just wondering. It’s a damn awesome picture.

Big 4 Sick Days: Open Thread

Benflu2_jpeg.jpgSince Team Jehovah is nabbing all the swine flu vaccine, there’s a pretty decent chance that some of you might come down with the H to 1 to the N to the 1. That has at least one reader concerned:

Can you look into the sick day policy at the Big 4’s? Is KPMG the only one who does not give any sick days? If you are sick you take the time from your PTO allowed (the days reduce your vacation time). I have seen people literally dying in the cubes – with temperatures, the chills etc – yet they insist on coming to work since they have no days left or don’t want to use their vacation time. Is this a responsible policy during the H1N1 epidemic???

We touched on this briefly but it’s worth revisiting since the swine flu coverage in the MSM is reaching fever pitch.
Discuss in the comments your firm’s sick days policy, if it’s forcing the bedridden to report, or it’s handing out surgical masks to everyone. Oh, and if you’re sick, for crissakes, stay home.

Caption Contest Poll: Feed the Pig

ben bankes at the NYC marathon.jpg No doubt Benny Bankes will continue his endeavor to convince everyone in America to start saving money rather than blowing it on Naughtibods. In the meantime, vote on your favorite caption after the jump. The poll closes at 11:59 EST tomorrow night.