January 25, 2021

number of the day

Number of the Day: 1%

No, this post isn’t going to be about which dick-swinging Big 4 firm gets to brag about being top in global revenue this year (it’s Deloitte, just FYI). 1 — or rather, less than 1 but that didn’t work in a headline — is the percent of CPAs in the United States who are black. […]

Number of the Day: 75%

That’s how many AICPA members are eligible for retirement this year, according to a 2015 exposure draft [PDF] put forward by the AICPA to add “retired” CPA status to the Uniform Accountancy Act. For several years, there has been discussion as to whether or not there should be a Retired-CPA status in the UAA. Currently, […]

Number of the Day: 1,114

That’s how many consultants Deloitte UK has deployed to work on a coronavirus contact tracing project for the UK government. Some other notable numbers: The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has engaged the services of other consultants from McKinsey, BCG, PWC, KPMG and EY as well however the number of consultants from all […]