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Let’s All Have a Good Laugh at WeWork’s Stupid ‘Community Adjusted Ebitda’ (UPDATE)

Ed. note: this article was originally published April 26, 2018. We have included a 2019 update at the bottom about WeWork’s disastrous attempt at an IPO and how its broken accounting sent the house of cards tumbling down. First, the original article: WeWork, a commercial landlord pretending to be a tech-lifestyle company, raised over $700 […]

Accounting News Roundup: Trump’s $916 Million Loss and Small Time Accounting Crooks | 10.03.16

Has Donald Trump released his tax returns? Nope! But someone sent three pages of his 1995 returns to a New York Times reporter that showed a nearly $916 million loss for his adjusted gross income. The losses arose out of "financial wreckage he left behind in the early 1990s through mismanagement of three Atlantic City […]