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October 2, 2023


Former CEO of New Mexico Finance Authority Not Eager to Take Blame for Fake Audit Fiasco

Remember earlier this year when an audit of the New Mexico Finance Authority turned out to be 100% bogus and the controller in charge, a fella by the name of Greg Campbell, said he was "probably negligent" to "assemble the [it] in that manner"? Sure you do. Well it turns out that, despite all the fun […]

Ex-NMFA Controller Admits That He Was ‘Probably Negligent’ to Submit a Fake Audit Report But It’s Okay Because a Real Audit Will Confirm That Everything Is A-okay

The New Mexico Finance Authority ("NMFA") has a bit of a mess on its hands. You see, a week or so back, the State Auditor discovered that the audit report – that was submitted six months late – was fake. Bogus. A sham. The NMFA management and board investigated and determined that the authority’s former […]