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SEC Officially Falls Victim to PwC’s Competitive Poaching Strategy

~ Tell Kayla I’m sorry for butchering her last name for over two hours. It’s fixed now.

PwC has announced the appointment of Kayla Gillan, formerly SEC Chair Mary Schapiro’s Deputy Chief of Staff, as the firm’s head of the newly created Regulatory Relations Group. This confirms a report by Bloomberg from last week.

Ms Gillan is no lightweight as she is a founding member of the PCAOB, served as general counsel for CalPERS and Chief Administrative Officer for Risk Metrics. The ecstatic Bob Moritz: “[PwC is] extremely fortunate to gain the experience, insights and future contributions of such a highly accomplished professional, one whose career has been dedicated to serving investors and other market participants,” BoMo said, adding, “Kayla Gillan is an example of making the investment to drive this transformation.”

It’s been a busy spring for PwC landing and announcing new appointments of partners and principals starting back in February and continuing through the spring.

[via PwC]

PwC Shifts Its Competitive Poaching Focus to Duff and Phelps

At least for today! As we’ve discussed, PwC has been on a bit of shopping spree when it comes to KPMG partners and principals. Today however, P. Dubs announced that it has picked off Dwight Grant of Duff and Phelps to join their Financial Engineering services group.

Mr Grant was DP’s Global Leader of Financial Engineering prior to joining PwC. His addition follows the firm’s pick up of Pedro Santos to lead the Financial Engineering group as well as Jeremy Fago, Timothy Davis and Matthew Tanner as principals. No word in the PwC press release where those chaps came from but if you’re in the know, we’d love to hear about it.