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October 1, 2023

New York Times

#TaxTwitter Has Some Takes on NYT Article About Trump’s Taxes

We love our friends on #TaxTwitter, so after the New York Times released its exposé last night on how much President DJT has paid in income taxes (or the lack thereof) in the past 15 years, we knew they would have a lot to say on the matter, even though they are up to their […]

The New York Times Compares Americans for Tax Reform to Terrorists

When you think of "extremist groups," you probably think of grainy videos shot in a cave with Arabic text scrolling across the bottom. But here at home, we have a different kind of extremist group. The conservative kind. I just got this note from Americans for Tax Reform: Dear Taxpayer, The New York Times editorial […]

NYT Taken to Task for Letting Cowards Almost Ruin Phil Mickelson’s Life

When the news broke that squeaky clean KPMG hero Phil Mickelson might be tied to an insider trading scandal, foamy-mouthed editors (yours truly included) went rabid over the salacious story. As it turns out, the "anonymous sources" that tipped off the Times were flat out wrong. Reuters writes: The first embarrassing trip for the Times […]

Phil Mickelson (But Not His KPMG Blue Hat) Is Now Embroiled In a Possible Insider Trading Scandal

First the official news of a Rothstein Kass/KPMG merger hits when I'm wandering the wilderness of a Richmond Civil War POW camp on a workout last night and now this. Can you people just keep your scandals to regular work hours? YEESH. We get this from the NYT tonight: The divergent lives of a championship […]