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October 3, 2023

new CPAs

Things You Should NOT Say to a Brand New CPA

Congratulations! You’re a CPA. Welcome to the dark side. Now that you’re one of us, it’s time you realize that nobody really understands what the hell CPAs do. Not even the A/P clerks. “Yeah, I’m an accountant too, but I didn’t have to go to college… I mostly do billing.” We all know CPAs get […]

Should New CPAs Put ‘CPA’ On Their Business Cards Or Is That Too Douchey?

The Psychic Friends Network once asked me to work for them but I was disqualified for being too much of a dream-killer. If you're looking for advice and don't want to pay $3.99 a minute to get it, get in touch and I'll consult my crystal ball covered in cat hair to see what the […]