Fyi- I’m forced to write this on my mobile so anyone that notes typos can piss off.

Anyhoo, for whatever reason, the KPMG beat is awfully hot today. This latest scoop we have is the unfortunate news that layoffs have reared their ugly head in Monty:


No chatter on the ~200 layoffs at KPMG IT support staff in Montvale this past Friday whose positions went to IBM outsourcing?

Oddly enough, we did hear about this just yesterday and hadn’t had the time to check it out. Now that we’ve been spurred into action, this confirms the original tip we received about the IT staff and that the work was going to IBM. This is the first news we received about the staff in Montvale, the original news we received was with regard to the New York office, a staff of approximately 17, we were told.

These in-house IT layoffs feel oddly familiar to the cuts made by PwC late last summer, who also planned to outsource those positions. P. Dubs also stated that they would offer some professionals other opportunities within the firm and would be creating a number of new jobs in the Tampa area, where those cuts occurred. So far there hasn’t been any indication that KPMG was doing something similar.

A message with KPMG spokesman Dan Ginsburg’s office was not immediately returned. We’ll keep you updated with any further details.