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October 1, 2023


2022 Projected Public Accounting Salaries In Eight MCOL Cities

Earlier this week we looked at public accounting starting salaries in five of the most expensive US cities to live in and how much higher they are than the projected national averages recently published in the Robert Half 2022 Accounting & Finance Salary Guide. A discussion you often see among professionals on Fishbowl and Reddit […]

Say Hello to Some Dynamic Grant Thornton Winterns

Welcome Southeast region Winter Class of 2014 #Interns from schools ranging from Baltimore to Miami! — GrantThorntonCareers (@GTCareersUS) January 15, 2014 Why is this in black and white? Did GT blow its entire color budget on its sharp purple marketing materials? Oh whatever. Congrats, you kids!

Deloitte Employees Infesting Miami Condos with Their Green Dottedness

In case you hadn’t heard, Miami has been in the news this week. It is the new home of some rich dude who may or may not be the biggest egomaniac in sports.

HOWEVER! What’s more important is that we read that the decimated real estate situation in downtown Miami – you know, all those luxury condos on one bought – might be turning around and it’s due to, in no small part, to a plethora of Deloitte employees infesting the towers:

Brandon Klein has done what few Floridians can: go weeks without driving his car.

The 26-year-old tax accountant walks three blocks from his condominium tower on Biscayne Bay in Miami to his office at Deloitte LLP. On weekends, he and his friends hang out on the pool deck or share a cab to a local Irish pub.

He lives in Downtown, a neighborhood where young people are renting condos built during the 2004 to 2008 boom to attract second-home buyers. Thanks to the housing crash, Klein and two roommates pay about $900 a month each for an obstructed waterfront view, a wraparound balcony and access to a gym, spa and steam room.

“Five years ago you wouldn’t have kids fresh out of college living in luxury like this,” said Klein, sitting in front of the 24-hour concierge in the three-story lobby of his building at 50 Biscayne Boulevard, coordinating happy-hour plans by text message. His friends are concentrated in nearby Met I, which has 447 luxury units and a steakhouse on the first floor. They refer to the building as “Deloitte Dorm” because it’s home to so many employees of the accounting and consulting firm.

We understand that ‘BergBW has certain journalistic standards that prevent it from explaining the ‘Dorm’ aspect of ‘Deloitte Dorm’ so we’ll be glad to elaborate.

Chances are most of Green Bloods living in the Deloitte Dorm are around Brandon Klein’s age so it’s likely that there is activity going on that you would normally find at a national training. This means people passed out in the lobby, lots of awkward accountant sexual advances and the occasional drop-in by Barry Salzberg or some other “adult” to remind everyone that they are representing Deloitte.

In any case, if there’s a ‘Deloitte Dorm,’ then there are certainly other Big 4 buildings in the area which is a pretty sickening thought.

Miami’s Downtown Comes Alive as Condos Fill With Young Renters [Bloomberg BusinessWeek]