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Bonus Watch ’11: PwC Tax Senior Has Nothing to Be Thankful For

This just in:

Folks at GC,

Last year, PwC announced in November Mid Year bonuses that were tax free (you did a story on this). This year, nothing so far. They need to be called out for this. Mark Mendola: WHERE THE BONUSES AT?

Tax Sr at PwC

To clarify, this is the story we did and, correct me if I’m wrong, the bonus was not “tax free” rather it was a net payment of $1,000/$500 (lower amount was for those hired after June 30). As for this year, our little Tax Senior with dirty diapers is right. We haven’t heard anything about mid-year bonuses, from Mark Mendola or anyone else. If you’ve spoken to him and know either way what the scoop is, please let us know. Someone’s Thanksgiving may be RUINED if we don’t get to the bottom of this fast.

PwC Gives KPMG a Break, Appoints Insider as New Head of U.S. Tax

I guess it was funny the first four times (and that doesn’t count the chumps that don’t get press releases) but for the extra special positions, P. Dubs must prefer to keep things in house.

Mark J. Mendola has been named as PwC’s U.S. Tax leader and a vice chairman of the firm. He will also serve as a member of the firm’s U.S. leadership team and the global Tax leadership team. Additionally, he will be responsible for the network of Tax practices across the Americas, including Canada, Mexico and South America.

For those keeping close tabs on this sort of thing, MJM joined PwC in ’86, no doubt inspired to join the tax practice thanks to the efforts of the Gipper & Co. He joined the partnership in ’98 with no indication that he strayed to the HoK. Word on the street is that KPMG is pretty bent out of shape over the competitive poaching, so PwC must be backing off. For now, anyway.

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